Carpet Cleaning in Durham, NC

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We are Durham’s go-to people for affordable and lasting carpet cleaning!


Carpet stains you need to get rid of? Kids or pets been giving your carpets all they can handle? Call our Flooring By Design team! We are Durham’s leading provider of affordable, effective carpet cleaning services. Our team takes care to ensure that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and deeply, to get all dirt or grime out rather than simply treating the surface.


Our truck mounted carpet cleaning unit provides a deep clean, going further and deeper into your carpet than household cleaners or less effective methods. Having your carpets professionally cleaned by us lengthens the life of your carpet and helps keep your home clean. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service in Durham, call our team at 919-477-9849 and speak to one of our experts about how we can serve you today!




How often should I get my carpets cleaned?


Whether you just had new carpets installed, or your current carpet is getting older, everyone wants to keep their carpets clean and free of stains or spots. One of the most common questions we get from our customers and neighbors is: how often should I get my carpet cleaned? In general, we recommend that you get your carpets thoroughly cleaned by our team every 12-18 months. However, you may need cleaning before or after that window.


For example, people with lots of pets or young children sometimes need carpet cleaning more often. Anyone who has raised a puppy knows that they can wreak havoc on your carpeting! Young children, cute though they may be, can also be tornados of mess and destruction when it comes to your carpets. Alternatively, if you have neither in your home and keep your carpets clean, you may be able to go longer in between cleanings. Also it is worth noting, if you have more serious damage that looks like it might be caused by some kind of pest, contact your local Durham pest control company and then work with our team to repair or replace the damaged carpet. The recommended time also depends on the type of carpeting you have, and your personal aesthetic taste. Some people like to keep their carpet looking a certain way, and therefore choose to have it cleaned frequently to maintain the cleanest possible appearance. Either way, having your carpet professionally cleaned by our team is important, because regular cleanings keeps the carpet in shape and prolongs its life.


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Call Flooring By Design for quality carpet cleaning in Durham!


If you need the carpets in your Durham home professionally cleaned, call our local Flooring By Design team at 919-477-9849. We are located here locally in North Durham, and serve customers here locally and across the Triangle by providing a variety of flooring services. In addition to carpet cleaning, we are proud to be one of the Triangle’s leading providers of hardwood flooring installation, tile installation, carpet installation, and more. Our team members are friendly and professional, and can clean your carpets thoroughly and effectively with minimal disruption to your furniture or home. Find out for yourself! Call our team and experience cleaner carpets today.