How To Get Pollen Out Of My Carpets

how to get pollen out of carpets


Spring is a beautiful season full of new life, but it can also be tough for allergy sufferers. Whether you accidentally left a window open or you track it in on your shoes, pollen can attach itself to the surfaces in your home or business faster than you might imagine. And getting pollen out of porous materials like cloth and carpeting can be a tough task.

That’s why the team at Flooring by Design is happy to offer carpet cleaning services to get your home or office back to normal. Forget sneezing and watery eyes; this spring, enjoy your space thanks to safe and effective cleaning solutions! If you’re thinking about trying to remove pollen yourself, we have a few tips. But remember, if the allergens in your home become too much to handle, we can always give your carpets the deep cleaning they need. Quality carpet cleaning can make your allergy season a breeze! Just call us at 919-477-9849 or contact us below for more information.

Removing Pollen from Carpet

Not only can pollen make you sneeze, but its yellow dye can also stain your carpeting. If you see pollen on your floors, it’s important to remove it as quickly as possible.

Start by using tape to gently lift pollen particles from the carpet. Take care not to push the tape too hard into the carpet – you want to use a light touch to capture the pollen without rubbing the stain further into the material. If there is still pollen left, get your vacuum out and use the handheld nozzle to pick up the rest of the particles. Do NOT roll your vacuum over the pollen stain, as that will push the irritant down further into the carpet.

If that still doesn’t get all of the pollen out, consider using a dry-cleaning solvent. Be careful here, and make sure you test it in an inconspicuous area first. Work from the outside of the stain towards the middle, taking care to use a clean piece of cloth as you go to avoid spreading the stain.


pollen on carpets


Should I Use Professional Cleaning to Remove Pollen Stains?

If the stains are severe enough, the methods listed above may not remove them all. If you find yourself stuck with pollen stains in your carpet, all hope is not lost! Our team of flooring experts can help by using safe and effective cleaning techniques. Tackling pollen stains is a tough job… If you’re concerned about trying to remove the stains yourself from your carpet or need to clean an area rug, contact our team today.


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Our team of highly trained technicians is ready to save the day! Locally owned and operated, we’re committed to helping our friends and neighbors with affordable and simple solutions. From carpet cleaning to pet stain treatment to 24/7 emergency care, there’s no problem we can’t handle this spring. Let us show you how simple and quick professional carpet cleaning can be!

If you’re ready to kick those stains to the curb and enjoy your home or business with pollen-free flooring, call us at 919-477-9849. With locations in Durham and Holly Springs, we make it easy for you to get the services you need in a timely manner. Our comprehensive carpet and rug cleaning services are the best in the area, and we are looking forward to working with you to give you back the home or office you deserve!


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