How To Protect Hardwood Floors During Winter


Hardwood floors are gorgeous, and durable enough to hold up to almost any abuse. But the winter dampness, salt, and air can damage your floors if you’re not careful and don’t take the proper steps to protect them.

In this article, Flooring By Design will discuss how you can protect your hardwood floors during the winter.

Protect Hardwood Floors During Winter

  1. Keep Wet Shoes Off Of The Floor

Wet shoes and muddy boots don’t just leave behind nasty tracks on your floors – over time, moisture from melting snow and water can sink into your floors, especially if they have not been refinished recently. This can cause cracking and warping.

Avoid wearing wet shoes in the house. If you have a mudroom, keep your wet shoes in there. If you don’t, consider investing in a durable, thick indoor mat, and a boot tray. You can wipe your shoes off on the mat, and leave them in the rubber boot tray, where the water will evaporate harmlessly.

  1. Wipe Up Moisture ASAP

If you do end up tracking water, snow, or ice into your home, don’t just leave it be. Wipe it up with a cloth or a towel as soon as you can. This prevents water from damaging your floor.

  1. Make Sure You Don’t Track Salt Onto Your Floors

Road salt and sidewalk salt are great for melting snow – but they can devastate your floors. Salt is naturally abrasive. It will leave behind a whitish residue that’s unsightly, and can permanently damage your hardwood.

  1. Keep Humidity In Check

Older hardwood, in particular, can be affected by cooler temperatures and lower humidity in the winter. Your planks may shrink, which can cause cracks and gaps in your floor.

Make sure that you keep your home between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and at a 35-55% humidity level. It may be a good idea to invest in a humidifier if the air in your home is particularly dry. This will prevent the wood from shrinking or splitting.

Keep Your Hardwood Looking Gorgeous With These Tips!

Hardwood is not invulnerable to the winter elements, but with these tips, you can ensure that your floors stay beautiful, and are not damaged by water, road salt, or low temperatures and humidity. For more information on hardwood floor installation, repair, or refinishing, call us at (919) 477-9849.