Water Damaged Carpet and Rug Repair

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We are to here to help with water damaged carpet or rugs


North Carolina and the Triangle are wonderful places to live. However, one of the risks of living in our state comes during the summertime and during hurricane season. After a big storm or a hurricane like the recent Florence, flooding is incredibly common across the state, including here in the Triangle. In addition to the destruction caused to vehicles and property exteriors throughout the area, heavy rains and the flooding they bring also enter into our homes and damage our flooring. Often, some of the most damaged areas of the home are the carpets and area rugs. That is where our Flooring By Design team can help.

If your carpets or rugs have suffered damages due do a recent storm or hurricane that caused flooding in your home, call our team. Carpet fibers and the pad underneath can absorb a lot of liquid. Water damage to carpets and rugs can cause more serious problems like mold, fungi, spores, and more. If your home has experienced flooding or water damage from water sources that are not clean, don’t try to clean the carpets yourself. This can be dangerous, as cleaning gray or black water out of carpets requires local professional carpet cleaning experience. In many cases the entire carpet must be replaced, which we can also help with.

Our Flooring By Design team has years of experience in cleaning and replacing carpets and area rugs damaged by water due to flooding during storms or hurricanes. Contact our team at  919-477-9849 and speak to one of our friendly and professional flooring experts about how we can help repair or replace your damaged carpets. Don’t wait for the damage to become more serious, contact our team and let us get to work helping you today.





Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning Guidelines


If your carpet has been damaged by clean water, and you can clean the carpet within 48 hours of the damage occurring, you can attempt to clean it yourself. However, this is only if the water is actually clean. Clean water includes water from things like the sink, the bathtub, or a clean water pipe in your home. This is the only type of water you should even consider trying to clean yourself. During a storm or hurricane when flood water damaged carpet, it is more common to have damage from gray water or black water in your home.


What is Gray Water?

Gray water is water that is unsanitary and not safe to be in your home or on your carpet or rug. Examples of gray water include water from the dishwasher, the toilet, the washing machine, a broken aquarium, etc. If it is water in your home, but you would not think to drink it, it is likely gray water. That isn’t a perfect rule of thumb, but it generally holds true. When in doubt, of course, contact our team for a professional opinion.


You should not try to clean gray water damage to your carpets or rugs by yourself. This type of water damage requires professional chemicals and tools to clean. In addition, depending on the level of damage, replacing the carpet may be necessary. Gray water can become even more dangerous if it is left standing in your home or on your carpet for more than 48 hours. In this case it may change to black water if left untreated, as bacteria and microorganisms will multiply.


What is Black Water?

Black water is extremely dangerous and harmful to your home, including flooring like carpets and rugs. It contains microorganisms and bacteria, and damaged carpet must be cleaned by professionals like our team, if not replaced entirely. Examples of black water include water from streams, rivers, lakes, and the ocean. If you have suffered carpet or rug damage from flooding from these types of sources, call us ASAP. You should not mess with cleaning black water from rugs or carpets, as it can be dangerous. In many cases, we need to replace the carpet entirely.


Call Flooring By Design to Repair or Replace Water Damaged Rugs and Carpet


If your home and flooring has suffered damage as a result of flooding or a major storm or hurricane, we are here to support you. Our team has years of experience cleaning or replacing water damaged carpets and rugs around the Triangle. We understand how stressful it can be to recover after a major disaster like flooding or a hurricane, and are here to help. If you need carpets or rugs cleaned for water damage, call our Flooring By Design team at 919-477-9849. Let us get to work helping to repair and restore your flooring and your home today!