How often do I need to replace carpet?

carpet replacement and installation


Have you noticed that the carpets in your Triangle area home are looking a bit worse for wear? Thinking it may be time to replace them with something new? You’re not alone. In addition to helping customers find carpet or flooring for new construction, we are also well experienced in helping people remove old carpet and replace it with something new.

One of the most common questions we get from customers when they are doing their research is: how often do I need to replace my carpet? Well that really depends on the type of carpet you have and how much use it gets, if you have kids, pets, etc. However, typically modern carpet’s lifespan is anywhere from 5-15 years. Again though, where your carpet falls in that window depends on the quality of its construction and how much foot traffic and use it gets. Carpet in the hallway, for example, likely needs to be replaced before the carpet in your rarely used guest room, as it gets more use.


How do I know my carpet needs to be replaced?


Not sure if the time has come to replace your aging carpet? Here are some common signs that indicate it may be time to replace your old carpets with something new.

Discoloration / Large Stains


carpet discoloration


Aging carpet can sometimes appear to be lighter in some areas than in others. Exposure to sunlight over time, as well as age and some household cleaning materials can gradually change the dye color of the carpet fibers. In addition, over time it may seem more difficult to remove stains or scents from pets or spills. This is because as the carpet ages it gets harder to remove scents and stains, even with professional carpet cleaning from our team. If you have several highly visible stains that professional cleaning can’t remove, or the carpet is discolored, it may be time to consider new carpets.



Threadbare Wear


carpet threadbare wear



All carpets, even those with shorter fibers designed to be durable, experience wear over the years. One of the noticeable signs of serious carpet wear is if you can see horizontal threads of the carpet backing material poking through the top of the carpeting. This, along with fraying or thinning in some areas means it’s probably time to come by our showroom and start picking out a new carpet for your home!



Flattened Fibers or Contorted/Rippling Areas


carpet ripples



If your carpet looks flat or like matted dog fur in some areas, it may be time to consider new carpets. All carpets, even if they are designed to resist it, will succumb to matting over time. If you have tried your hardest to fluff the carpet up again and it just won’t respond, it might be time to retire it in favor of something new. In addition, if the carpet looks stretched or contorted, or has areas that almost appear to ripple, it’s probably time to replace your old carpets.



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