How to Carpet Stairs

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Installing carpet in your home is a great way to add softness and cushion while also showing off your style. If you’re interested in carpeting an area of your home that includes stairs, you might wonder just how tricky the process is and if you can do it yourself.


Why Should I Carpet My Stairs?


Besides keeping your home or business looking cohesive and unified from space to space, carpeting your stairs also helps soften footsteps and absorb loud sounds as kids or teens race up or down. We also can’t forget to mention safety… Carpeted stairs are a great way for anyone with unsteady mobility or older pet owners to help loved ones get the traction they need to move around the space independently.

Carpeting stairs is very tricky and time consuming for anyone not licensed in the process. Here at Flooring by Design, our team of fully licensed technicians has years of experience and can handle your project quickly and professionally! We also offer free estimates to help make sure you have all the information you need before beginning a project. If you’re interested in installing new carpets, using our carpet maintenance services, or would like more information about the services offered by our team, contact us online or call us at 919-477-9849 today.


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Methods of Carpeting Stairs


French Cap Method: When you think of carpeting stairs, this is probably the method you have in mind. When carpeting stairs in this way, carpet installers will wrap carpet around the edge of the tread, stapling it underneath the nose for a tight, contoured appearance.

Waterfall Method: This approach is less time consuming but doesn’t look as taught and clean as the French Cap Method. If you choose to install carpet this way, you’ll only attach the carpet to the edge of the tread and the back of the next stair tread. There will be no adhesion to the riser with this method.

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How to Carpet Stairs


If you’re ready to have your stairs carpeted, you’ll need to measure the staircase first. Be sure to get the dimensions for the length and width of each step, the height of each stair, and the number of stairs. You’ll also need padding, tackless strips, industrial stapler and staples, hammer, nails, and a carpet knee-kicker (used to stretch the carpeting).

You’ll start by cutting the carpet padding and applying tackless strips. The strips should be placed on the riser and back of each tread, and the padding should be measured to fit perfectly between the tackless strips. Staple the carpet pad into place, moving along the entire length of the padding and stapling just in front of the tackless strip. Remember to wrap the carpet pad around the front edge of each stair in the desired method listed above.

Next, you’ll start installing the carpet. Use an awl to push the carpet into the tackless strip – you should be creating clean lines between each stair. Follow up by stapling the carpet onto the riser, then stretch the carpet into the next seam and repeat the process. Sound complicated? Well, it is! That is why our carpet installers at Flooring By Design are highly trained and experienced in how to properly install carpet on stairs. Let us take the load off your shoulders and get the project done right the first time! Contact our team for a free carpet installation estimate today.


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Carpet Installation Service


If installing your own carpet sounds like a big job, our staff at Flooring by Design is here to help. We have a wide selection of different carpeting materials available and are committed to providing you with turnkey carpeting solutions for your space.

We won’t just lay your carpet down and call it a day; our team takes great time and care in testing the environmental conditions of your home or office. We strategically place seams and aligning patterns, measuring multiple times to ensure minimal material waste, and disposing of your old flooring. We also offer padding in several thicknesses and use power stretching to make sure your carpet looks beautiful and lasts for years.

If you’re ready to transform your space, contact our team at 919-477-9849 today.


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