What Flooring is Best for Dogs?

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When it comes to man’s best friend, many pet owners won’t stop until their four-legged pal is comfortably spoiled, even if that means installing special flooring for them. If you’re thinking about adding a dog to the family, are looking for a pet-friendly flooring option for Fido, or have an older dog with mobility issues, there are several floor types for pet owners who want to make sure their home is comfortable for both humans and dogs.

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Best Flooring for Dogs

There are a variety of flooring options, so how will you know which one your dog will be most comfortable on? We’ve listed types of flooring in the order of best to worst, according to resident four-legged flooring expert, Huck.

Carpet: This one is easy! Carpet is warm, provides plenty of traction, and best of all, encourages pet owners to get down on the floor for play time. Whether you have a young puppy or an older dog, carpeting provides a comfortable, warm place to relax and play. For humans, you will also enjoy the cushion underfoot but will have to vacuum more often, especially if you have a dog that sheds a lot. Go for a carpet that has shorter threads here. Our carpet installers have years of experience recommending and installing carpet for families with pets.

dog on carpet floors

Vinyl: Talk about a win-win for everyone. Vinyl is cool during the summer and warm during the winter (if you choose to add radiant heating coils underneath), and it has enough grip for Fido to feel stable while trotting through the house. It’s also affordable, which owners will love.

dog on vinyl floor

Hardwood: This one is a toss-up. Hardwood floors provide warmth for your pet, and they are not as slick as the options we’ll talk about below, but miss a nail trim session and you’ll find grooves beginning to mark your floors. Choose a harder option for more durability, or luxury vinyl plank for the same hardwood look with additional durability.

Dog hardwood flooring

Laminate: Super slick floors might sound nice to you, but to your dog it sounds like a slippery experience every day. Laminate does not scratch easily, but you’ll need to make sure you find flooring with an Abrasion Class Rating of AC 3 for durability. Plus, it can warp if it gets wet (not something the owner of a new puppy wants to hear).

Tile: Tile is hard and cold, making it a decent option for humans but a bad one for dogs. Pros here include the fact that your dog’s nails won’t scratch the floor and messes are easily cleaned up, but you’ll need to make sure your pet has plenty of soft spaces to lay down. You will find that your pet has trouble gaining traction on tile floors, making it an especially bad choice for pet owners with an older animal who might have more difficulty getting up. Our tile installers work hard to make sure you and your pets will love your new floors!

Find Flooring Fido Will Love at Flooring by Design

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