Why Does Carpet Stretch?

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Have you noticed your carpet is looser than when it was first installed? If your carpet is wrinkling, stretching, or moving beneath your feet, it might be time for a fix. Let the team at Flooring by Design help you identify your carpet issues; call us at 919-477-9849 to get started!

If you need your carpet replaced, our carpet installation team can help you find the best replacement at a price that you and your budget will love. Our team is composed of a full in-house crew of fully certified technicians, so you can be sure the job will be done right the first time. Let us help solve your carpet woes!


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Why is My Carpet Stretching?

Humidity: This is the biggest culprit when it comes to stretched carpet, and it is especially common in areas like the Triangle. Our varying seasons and change in climate create changes in humidity that can affect your flooring.

Heavy Items:  If you regularly move heavy furniture around your room or are a fan of rearranging, doing so may cause wrinkles in your carpet. Take precautions to avoid stretching your carpet by using sliders, or better yet, lift the furniture when moving it.

Underpad Problems: The padding underneath your carpet can cause stretching or wrinkling if it’s not installed correctly, especially if the pad is not thick enough to support the carpet.

Wet Carpet: If the carpet has gotten wet, through a broken pipe or spilled liquid, that can cause the fibers to stretch and lengthen, creating stretch within your flooring.


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How Do I Fix Stretched Carpet?

This is something that’s best left to the professionals, as it may require special tools or techniques. Our fully licensed staff can assess your unique space and find the issue behind the stretching.


Why Should I Choose Flooring by Design?

Our team of highly qualified flooring experts is here to help you get the best flooring solution for your daily needs and budget. We can not only help solve your flooring problems, but can also provide commercial or residential carpeting, custom carpeting, runners, binding, area rugs, and more.

We proudly serve the Triangle and are locally owned, so we can understand your unique needs and preferences. If you want your carpet replaced with a different flooring option, consider hardwood floor installation, vinyl, or ceramic! We are prepared to help you find the perfect solution for your flooring needs – contact us today to get started.

Not sure where to start? We also offer free quotes on your flooring project, so you can ask all of your questions and get a quote for the cost of services to fully understand the repair or installation process. If you’re ready to fix your flooring woes or are interested in installing new flooring, our team of experts is here to help. Visit us in our Durham showroom at 5337 North Roxboro Road or in Holly Springs at 212 Village Walk Drive.


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